Think And Grow Rich: A Black Choice

I was listening to a radio interview today that featured Dr. Dennis Kimbro and thought the discussion was fascinating and I wanted to share this information.  Dr. Dennis Kimbro, is the author of “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice.” When it comes to living your dreams, Dr. Kimbro says, “You are in control of your own thoughts and you have to be very particular who you have in your inner circle”. Mr. Kimbro also talks about meeting two new people per week along the lines of your dreams, you want to grow your circle of your influence and narrow the zone of ignorance!”


So I’m going to purchase this book and starting exercising his concept of meeting new people.  Since we’re all in the network marketing industry, I think this would help us in our business and possibly recruit new people.  For more information about Dr. Dennis Kimbro, check out his website: http://denniskimbro.com/index.html






Ready Built Downline


Ready Built Downline

Are you in a MLM business? How many people do you have in your downline?

As Network Marketers, when we join a MLM company we need to become familiar with the products and services, the compensation plan, learning how to market and create a list. Once that’s done, we need to start recruiting to build our downline, right? I have been noticing that 97% of marketers fail at recruiting people into their business and most quit because they loose interest, realize it’s not what they expected, or find it difficult to duplicate what their upline is teaching them. I find it very important to really, really study the compensation plan because then you’ll know exactly what it takes to reach your goal in recruiting and building your downline.

Well, I was asked to checkout a Facebook group called, “Ready Built Downline” where they’re building a downline, within the group. Once that downline is ready (with a certain amount of members), they will move into any business opportunity or MLM company as a group. This would help everyone leverage the opportunity, maximize the compensation plan and get paid monthly residual. How would this help a struggling REP or marketer? They’re a group of people that have come together to have a Ready Built Downline to help network marketers. The group started a few months ago and they have well over 1,000 members, and growing strong in the USA and Canada. I found this concept very interesting because being able to move into a MLM company or business opportunity as a group would have a great impact towards your financial goals and dreams.

Ready Built Downline is where all new and experienced entrepreneurs gather to combine their talents as a group to truly maximize earning potential, entering into business after business with a large pre-built downline intact.

They are a focused group and have a clear vision when taking teams of people into businesses. They have a well researched knowledge about each business that they decide to join and have thoroughly done their homework to ensure success AND truly maximize the earning potential for each member. They plan to achieve this by only entering into businesses which require the minimum number of people to achieve a $500/mo residual income.

The group plans to enter into a business opportunity Company on March 17, 2012, which will help everyone in the group create massive income and get a piece of the pie!  So take a look because it might be worth looking into.


To Your Success!
Sheila Caldwell

The Shadow Effect


The Shadow Effect

I wanted to share some information with you about a program I watched on the OWN Network, that gave me some “Ah-ha” moments.

The segment was on “The Shadow Effect” from the author Debbie Ford and founder of the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching.

Debbie Ford is known for providing life-changing answers, quick practical coaching, and deep spiritual wisdom to people who desire to lead extraordinary lives.

The Shadow Effect for starters is about illuminating the hidden power of your true self.  The “shadow” is something you’re trying to hide through drinking, drugs, fear, cheating, screaming at your kids and more…..  The Shadow Effect is also a journey from your darkest thought to your greatest dream.  The person we rather not be is “the shadow” and what you resist, will persist!

You could also be in denial about how you’re living or at some time in our lives we received messages, be it negative or positive from our parents that something is wrong with us, then we suppress who we really are and grow up with mountains of insecurities, low self-esteem or feelings of not be worthy.


I can really relate to this because I remember my great-grandmother telling me, as a little girl, that I wasn’t pretty because I was dark complexion.  She went on to tell me to one day marry someone that was light complexion, with “good hair” so that my children would be pretty.  This really devastated me and I realized that I wasn’t pretty.  For years into my adulthood, I had low self-esteem, felt unworthy and the need of approval.

So ask yourself, are you living a lie?  Are you living with a secret that is eating away at your core existence?  Because of this, we may do things seeking love and acceptance, or we paint a persona in order to belong, or we end up having a public life and a secret life.

Through this life-altering journey of the “Shadow Effect”, people have overcome child abuse, racism, drug abuse, the Holocaust, and wounded upbringings.  They have learned to face their fears, heal their wounds, and embraced their higher, heroic selves to overcome the shadow effect.

In conclusion, the “Shadow Effect” is an evolution of one’s own soul to be processed.  This process is not a quick-fix.  It’s a lifetime process where we let go of things, discover, and then allow for futures to come into existence.  By connecting to our soul, and to our collective heart, we’re able to be one with our deepest values and our life mission.  This has been a life long journey for me to find my purpose.  I’ve been on this quest for many years and have finally found out some things about myself.  Listening to this program gave me more insight on my quest and I hope this information has given you some insight for your life as well.

Debbie Ford has written several books, but I recommend these two books for the purpose of this article:

1) The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, which is about reclaiming your power, creativity, brilliance, and dreams.  In this book, Debbie Ford teaches you to recognize, embrace, and ultimately love all aspects of ourselves.

2)  The Shadow Effect, which is about embracing the part of yourself that will give you the courage to speak your truth, letting go the past, and reclaiming your greatest self.  It’s about illuminating the hidden power of your true self.

If you’re struggling with anything in your life that needs fixing to become a better you, please purchase one of these books, and I plan to purchase them as well.  I’ve overcome so many obstacles in my life within the past 10 years, and I’m still working on becoming a better me!  I truly believe that these books and the “Shadow Effect” are what I’ve been searching for.  To your future, success and a better you!

Sheila Caldwell



Steps To Your Best Life


Steps To Your Best Life

I believe that we are all striving for a better life in whatever way we know how, but there are 3 critical steps in attaining your best life that don’t take Rocket Science.

Humanity is evolving to a higher awareness of well-being in order to manifest a richer life experience in which we are all worthy of living. Some say that we are living in hard times economically, spiritually and physically. This presents a great opportunity for us to take real action steps toward the life that all of us desire.

No matter where you are currently, most of us would say that there is room for improvement either financially, physically or spiritually. The following 3 steps will provide a system that will assist you in uncovering your best life:

3 Steps To Your Best Life

1.    Identify and Define Future Visions In at Least 5 Areas of Your Life. 

Purchase a journal and divide it into at least 5 sections and label accordingly: Finances/Money, Business/Career, Friends/Family, Mindset/Health, Giving Back To The World – feel free to add other areas as you see fit.

On the right side of the page you will write down a vision of what you want in that particular area (ex. Mindset/Health: Identify = I want to be in complete fitness. Define = 100 situps per day)

On the left side of the page you will write down signs of your life right now in the present that prove to you that your goal is going to come to you easily. (ex. I was born into a healthy body, and I am capable of exercising. I can currently do 10 situps) – Feel free to come back and add to this list until you reach your goal of 100 situps.

This is in alignment with the concept of acknowledging where you are and making peace with it while having a vision of the future. This is the state of flow, or the art of allowing at its best, which is the ideal state of mind.

2.    Gratitude

Ponder and write down 5 things in your personal life that you are grateful for in last 24 hours.  Ponder and write down 5 things in your business/professional life that you are grateful for in the last 24 hours.

Showing gratitude also puts you in a state of mind of allowance, and this is the basis for manifestation.

3.    Recognize What Rules (False Beliefs) Are Governing Your Life Pattern And Shed Them (ex. “You have to suffer for success”, “Money is evil”, “You have to have money in order to make money”, etc.)

We all have false beliefs that rule our decisions on an unconscious level, which is why we fail to do what we know intellectually is good for us. We often live our lives in a pattern, but most of us don’t recognize the pattern. The moment you begin to notice your pattern is the moment of clarity that brings forth further awakening and your evolution.

If you are ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire… then follow the the top earners in the industry by clicking here.  If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, JOIN ME and lets get started!

To Your Success and Journey

Sheila Caldwell

Allowing vs. Chasing: How to Attract What You Really Want

If struggling is optional, then why do so many of us choose chasing what someone else has told us we should want, over allowing what we KNOW we want? We really can have the life we desire, and it’s within reach. No chasing required!

As small children we all knew instinctively what we wanted to do with our lives. Some of us may have even articulated it to some “all-knowing” life-experienced adult, who unintentionally perhaps quickly informed us that there was “something else” that we should probably do instead. Like teachers will always be in demand, or doctors and lawyers make good money. How about make the family proud and join the military? Sound familiar? I can definitely relate because everything I was told to do was really what I believe others wanted me to do.

Often times our innate ability to go with our own flow, becomes stunted at an early age. We lose our natural internal GPS due to the noise of well-meaning adults in our lives. So rather than allowing our inner guide to lead us we begin the chase, and most of us are still running but can’t seem to get to where we want to be.

Because we have been in chase mode for so long, most of us since elementary school; we are finding it difficult to even hear our own dreams calling us in order to allow them in. It is much easier to allow than to chase. Imagine trying to catch a fish by jumping in the water and attempting to chase him. Just when you think you got him he slips through your hands just like water.  However, much less effort and more ease is required when you sit and allow the fish to come to you. How simple is that??

Our natural state of being is ease, not struggle. Therefore, we must unlearn all that we know and remember who we really are. Chasing other people’s dreams, definitions and conclusions about life has worn us down. We have been choosing careers based solely upon the amount of money we could earn, and not choosing our desired lifestyle that WE want to live.

In other words, decide what type of life you desire, ask the right questions of yourself and imagine the details.

Step 1: Choose YOUR Desired Dream Life

Write down the questions and answers to ask yourself: Where in the world would I like to live? What would my home look like? How would I spend my days from start to finish? What types of food would I eat, and who is in my circle of influence? Who are my ideal clients, and what type of environment do I want? How many vacations do I take per year, and where do I vacation? What is my family like?  Just be certain to cover every area of your life that you’re desiring.

Step 2: Choose What You Want To Do In Your Life

Now chances are you will have absolutely no way of knowing HOW to bring this desired lifestyle into being, but the good news is you don’t have to know. The mere fact that you decided and asked yourself the right questions is a powerful step in itself to get the allowing ball rolling!

Giving our minds a problem to solve kicks it into action and will deliver the solution to us. Therefore, after you ask the questions be on the lookout for the answers that will usually come through inspiration, impulse, insight and even dreams. This is not some theory, but scientific truth. The mind is a problem-solving mechanism. Understand, however, that inspiration only comes once the mind is given a problem to solve. If we never ask, then the answer never comes. So do the asking and you will see an unfolding like never before.

Step 3: Take Inspired Action Immediately

Napoleon Hill spoke about The Speed of Implementation in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich”, and that simply means to act immediately upon your intuition.

If you are ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire… then I would invite you to JOIN ME and some top earners in the industry by clicking here and lets lock arms and help others that have desires and dreams.  Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

To Your Success!

Sheila Caldwell


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